Q: Why doesn't the Luna Studio installer do anything after I run it?

A: The installer is having trouble working on particular OS's, however, the known issues are only with the GUI. If the GUI installer for your system doesn't work, try the command line installer (you will need to run as root/administrator). Note that using the command line installer does not mean you need to use Luna on the command line. If you encounter issues with the command line installer, please inform us of your bug.

Q: How do I run programs in Luna?

A: In Luna Studio all code is being continuously executed. If you have the code open, it has already begun execution. If you would like to use Luna on the command line, you can find information on how to do so here.

Q: How do I use type signatures in Luna?

A: We are working on finalizing some of the details of the type system. We want whatever syntax we decide on to be finalized before we release it to you so that your code will be compatible between versions.

Q: Can Luna/Luna Studio run in browser?

A: Luna Studio could be configured to run in a browser, and much of how the UI was implemented was done specifically with the intent to make the possible to do in the future. However, the core Luna team is not actively working on implementing Luna in browser at the moment.

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