Starting Out

Luna is available as a stand-alone application for Mac OS, Linux and Windows, named Luna Studio. Its graphical interface is completely based on web technologies, so it is possible to run them in a web browser instead. However, Luna Studio desktop distribution was tightly integrated with GitHub's Atom in order to provide decent code editing capabilities. Currently only the desktop distribution is supported.

Luna Manager

The Luna Manager is a tool for managing your Luna environment. It allows installing and uninstalling different Luna versions side by side, switching between them, managing the development environment, building Luna packages and much more. It is bundled with a simple graphical interface for everyday use, like installing or updating Luna.

For your convenience we distribute it as a binary, so you can download it and literally "double click" to start the installation process. You can download it from our website or build it from source.

After the successful installation you should be able to execute Luna Studio using your system application manager (Mac OS Spotlight, or Windows Start menu) or run the luna-studio binary manually from the installation path ($HOME/.luna/bin).

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