The Luna Book

Welcome to the Luna book. Although it is far from being a proper book, the name refers to what we want it to evolve into – an intuitive, easy to follow, yet complete Luna introduction. We strongly believe that tutorials are easier to read and understand than formal documents, therefore the style used is a fusion of both, often relying on examples and intuitive explanations.

This book is aimed at people who work with data processing on a daily basis. It includes both software developers and domain experts, like data scientists, architects or even procedural graphic designers. Even if you have a significant programming experience and you are a functional programming guru, you should find lots of interesting information here.

Writing a good manual is hard. Anybody who has ever tried, knows how insanely time consuming and exhausting it is to create a clear, usable and concise document. If you feel that it could be improved in any way, don't hesitate to edit it or talk with us about your suggestions.

Quick start!

We strongly encourage you to download Luna Studio and play with interactive tutorials and demo scenes before reading the book. Gaining feelings of how Luna works is as important as gaining technical knowledge.

Join us!

Your feedback is very important to us. Join the Luna community, ask questions and share your ideas. It is also the ultimate way to dispel any doubts while reading the book:

  • Chat – use it to quickly discuss ideas and get help on the fly while using Luna.

  • Mail – write to us if you want to say "hi!", or you want to collaborate with us. Please do not use mail to report problems or get help with Luna usage – using chat is always a better idea.

  • GUI bugtracker and Compiler bugtracker – if you are sure you are facing a bug, please report it to us. Be as precise as possible. Screenshots and logs are always more than welcome! Please do not use the bug tracker to express improvement ideas – use chat instead. Chat is a much better place to discuss them before formulating an official task for developers.

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